What Can Street Soccer Offer



Respect starts within one’s self. In order to respect your teammates, coaches, referees and your parents, you must first learn to respect yourself. However, respect is not something that is taught, it’s earned. In order to get respect, you must first give it. Being kind to your teammates, showing good sportsmanship and being a role model will earn respect on and off the street. Earn your respect with us through soccer on the streets!


With respect comes confidence. Confidence is having the belief that you can take on life’s challenges and succeed. Soccer prepares our youth to not only face failure but to overcome it into success. 



We must be content with not winning every game. The greatest players in the world have lost games too. After your next loss, try to be supportive of your teammates and be sure to congratulate the other team because they tried hard to win too!

In soccer you spend countless hours practicing and sharing game day  experiences with the group that matters on the court- your teammates. You will play together, disagree with each other, compete for starting positions, and sometimes dislike your coach together for all the running he tells you to do. The one thing that builds amongst teammates is friendship. What’s better than a teammate you can rely on to have your back and they’re your friend. 

When a group bonds together it doesn’t only make friendships but a community. A community is stronger because they work and function together similar to a soccer team. A community not only bond with each other but over culture and historical heritage. It gives us a place to learn about ourselves and others. 



As a community made up of different cultures,  heritages, and races we must use our differences to bring us together. We all see the world in a different way but in soccer, whether you play on grass, sand, dirt or street we are all united in the love of soccer. The ball doesn’t choose who strikes it or passes it. We must treat everyone how soccer sees us-equal. The game belongs to us all!