About us

Who we are

As we continue to achieve our mission to make soccer more affordable, we always make sure to pour back into our community. Street United started as a dream to bring soccer to others like us. Many of us here at Street United didn’t get our soccer start as toddlers or young grade school children. Rather it be for economic reasons, cultural reasons or otherwise, we weren’t introduced to the game. We set out to make sure that every kid we meet knows that this game is for them. Street United is a non-profit organization that gives youth and adults in underserved communities the opportunity to play soccer right in their own community. Our goal is to prevent the pay to play stigma that resides on American soccer in the 757 community.

The journey so far!

So far in our journey we’ve gone to The Boys & Girls Club of America where we taught soccer fundamentals to youth. We have started hosting free clinics open to any kid in the community. We also play pick up with the teens of Teens with a Purpose and we always find ways to give back to the youth in this community by hosting drives and fundraisers for great organizations like Seton Youth Shelters.

The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Our values

The youth in underserved communities must have the opportunity for a successful start in education and in sports regardless of age, race, gender, family composition, income or community. In response to this urgent issue, Street United was created to provide the sports program necessary for the youth in the Hampton Roads community to have an equal opportunity in soccer. Street United provides assistance and sporting opportunities for youth and adults to get in the game, enabling them to become confident, active leaders in their communities.


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